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The Proposal Management Capability Assessment Tool

The Proposal Management Capability Assessment is a proprietary tool created by twentysix2 to help organisations pinpoint their most significant growth opportunities. The PM-CAT is based on an analysis of 18 best-practice capabilities in four capability areas and the results will be an accurate indication of your organisation’s current capability. From this, you will be able to confidently identify the shortest route to the biggest improvements.

Capability areas are assessed in four levels:

Level 1 Proposal management is inconsistent with no evidence of formal processes or best practice. Proposal team members have no specific training or qualifications. Proposal management is considered an administrative function, a cost that adds very little value.

Typical win rate < 20%

‘We bid everything that comes through the door because if you’re not bidding you can’t possibly win’

Level 2 Evidence of some best practice although implementation may be inconsistent. Proposal team members are experienced but largely untrained. Proposal management is part of an efficient business development function.

Typical win rate 20-50%

‘We bid selectively and, when we don’t understand enough about what the customer is really looking for, we just tell them about us’

Level 3 Evidence of widespread best practice although implementation may be selective. Proposal team contains members who are experienced, trained and qualified. Proposal management team takes the lead in effective business winning.

Typical win rate 50-70%

‘We bid for business only when we know it is coming. Sometimes, however, we may not fully understand the customer’s requirements nor helped to create their solution’

Level 4 Evidence that best practice is systematically applied in all areas and of continuous improvement of processes and practices. Proposal team members are trained, qualified and highly experienced. Proposal management best practice is a core skill providing economic, strategic and competitive advantage.

Typical win rate >70%

‘We bid for business only when we know it’s coming, when we have a good relationship with the customer, understand the benefits they are seeking and have helped them to create their solution’

To use the assessment tool, please visit the dedicated website.

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