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What do we do

Put simply, we help organisations win business by turning ‘me too’ proposals into compelling propositions that their customers want to buy.

How do we do it

By helping organisations understand what’s driving their customers and putting these critical issues at the heart of sales pitches and proposals.

How can you benefit

The obvious – improved win rates, reduced losses, more efficient use of resources.

The not so obvious – sales and bid teams that are more focused, more successful and less stressed!



Training your capture teams and briefing your senior management in proposal management best practice to improve win rates, capture profitable business and make more efficient use of your resources.


Bridge skill gaps by embedding our specialist bid managers and writers in your teams. If you don’t consider bidding to be a core business skill, why not work with us to outsource your bid production efficiently, effectively & economically.


What companies say they do is often radically different to what they actually do, particularly in the heat of a sales campaign. Engage with us to close the execution gap and embed new behaviours on live opportunities.

Services we offer

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